My supermarket fear *UPDATE*

It’s been 15 weeks since I did a food shop. On the one hand that’s awesome because food shopping isn’t one of life’s greatest pleasures, on the other I need to conquer my fear! For the record I haven’t starved, fortunately I have a very domesticated other half for which I feel blessed because my domestic skills have certainly taken a back seat since Grace arrived. I’m so worried about Grace having a meltdown mid shop and not being able to make a speedy escape. I have an image in my head of balancing a screaming baby in one arm, pushing the trolley with the other and being stuck in a huge queue all whist trying to ignore any stares – not fun.

Now, this fear is not unfounded.  We have had several shopping trips which have ended in disaster. There’s the Boots trip to get photos developed for starters, I’d just hit print on the self serve kiosk and there was an epic rumble in the jungle followed by a whimper and then full blown meltdown. Sure enough Grace had exploded in her nappy and had soaked through to the pram – yay. I had to wait for the photos to finish printing and then queue to pay, all while holding Grace who was politely telling me she was not happy about the situation and had a Yellow patch spreading up her back. Then there was the time I thought I’d pop to John Lewis. Grace was fed, dry and happy, now was the perfect window. We’d made it to the baby section still smiling, so far so good. I thought I’d push my luck and take a quick peak at the make up, Grace wasn’t impressed and decided to tell the whole shop about it. I cradled a screaming Grace in one arm and attempted to steer the pram with the other. I was very flustered as I headed for the safety of the car park but on route I managed to walk straight into the middle of a fashion show the store was hosting, stressed mum and screaming baby was not the look the shop was trying to project.

Grace is a happy, smiley girl and loves a good nose around so would probably find a supermarket quite interesting, worse case scenario I’ll just have to ditch the trolley! This week I’m going to phych myself up and brave a food shop,  plus I’ve always wanted to use one of the trollies with a cute little seat.

Wish me luck!

love Hannah x

Cuddle Fairy



After messages of encouragement and a bit of moral support we tackled a food shop at our local Asda. The result; it really wasnt that bad! She loved the trolley and Asda had plenty of baby & toddler ones availbale – I didnt realise you could strap the car seat to some trollies as well. I managed to distract her when she got a little grizzly and put her in the ergo carrier when I was paying as she’d had enough by that point. The checkout staff were great helping me pack and took a great interest in Grace. A fellow customer even let me go in front to pay. Giving myself a mum gold star for that outing! Woop.


  1. Good luck, Hannah. I’m sure the bad shopping days are behind you 🙂

    As someone who works in a shop, I’d like to reassure you that you are not the only mum whose baby objects to shopping and lets everyone know about it. We see it all the time. I know that doesn’t help but it’s not as embarrassing as you think it is.

    Don’t be afraid to ask someone to help. Most places will happily unload your trolley and help you pack while you cuddle Grace or put your yet-to-be-finished trolley in the chiller while you do an emergency feed. (And if they don’t, find a different shop)

    Course, you could also get a home delivery 😉

    1. Thank you that’s reassuring to hear 🙂 I know I’d be willing to help someone so im sure others would be too. The online option is appealing mind!

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