It Could Save Her Life

Last week I attended a paediatric first aid course, ‘but you’re studying to be a nurse, you should know what to do in an emergency’ I hear you say. You have a point, but having the back up of a hospital and colleagues behind you is very different to being at home, alone and being faced with an emergency. Furthermore it’s been over a year since I learnt CPR and I felt I could do with a refresh. It’s well worth having some basic knowledge to know how to immediately treat cuts, burns, grazes and bumps but what we all really wanted to know was what do in case of choking and resuscitation, especially as the majority of parents on the course were embarking on weaning.

13406926_1630645183848766_703646207537865768_nThe Course

The course was run by ndatraining who are based locally to us in High Wycombe. It was 2 hours long and specifically tailored for parents of babies/children. We were given the opportunity to cover any specific areas of concern and a basic overview of what to do when faced with more common incidences such as knocks, burns, bumps and cuts. The second half of the session covered choking and CPR, we talked through what you would need to do if (God forbid) you were ever faced with an emergency situation, and were then given the opportunity to practice back blows and CPR with both baby and child mannequins. I instinctively called the mannequin Grace which sent a bit of a shiver down my spine. My friend and I left the session feeling confident we would be able to handle an emergency situation, but more so praying that we wouldn’t have to. We swiftly looked up first aid kits to buy and a reference guide to have handy at home. I’m so glad I’ve now got that knowledge and would highly recommend it to all parents / everyone in general!

Tesco and St John’s Ambulance have taken an extra step and designed a babygrow which provides step by step prompts in case you needed to perform CPR. A novel idea complete with a cute little design …


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