Dear Gracie; The Summer of ‘16

Dear Gracie,

It’s September 2016 (the hottest on record for 100 years) and the autumn will soon be upon us. I’m looking forward to wrapping you up in your snowsuit, putting you in the carrier and taking you for walks in the woods to look at the changing leaves. You seem to love trees at the moment so I’m sure you’re going to enjoy that. But first I wanted to tell you all about your first summer because it’s been a rather lovely one…

I’ll start off in May, although we were still in the fourth trimester stage and battling with colic and a dislike of being anywhere but in my arms, the anticipation and excitement of your nana and gramps wedding made May a great month. At only 8 weeks old you attended a hen do – not many babies can say that. You joined us for a champagne picnic along the Thames and slept peacefully while we hysterically played ‘pin the junk on the hunk!’ Then came the wedding, you were good as gold and rocked your ear defenders at the evening disco. It was a stunning day and I’m looking forward to telling you all about it when you’re older.

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We visited some real English gems over the summer with various friends and family including some National Trust sites which I’ve discovered are a mecca for oldies and mums with pushchairs! Waddesdon manor, Cliveden and Black Park are new favourite spots, but we still love our go to places of Marlow and Hughenden. Our day out at Cotswold wildlife park was also fab and we’re looking forward to taking you back there as a toddler.

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img_1238 20160716_144128 img_1295

When you were 12 weeks old we had a party to officially welcome you into the world. All of your nearest and dearest were there and it was a lovely day, more about that here. As well as spending time with your family, you’ve made some lovely new friends of your own. We’ve been to baby sensory, sing and sign, baby swimming and messy play sessions – your social life is better than mine! One of your favourite  activities this summer though was baby cinema, you were absolutely transfixed until you got tired and fell asleep on me. Our days really have been filled with so many activities and a serious amount of singing (I can’t wind that damn bobbin anymore!)

img_1327 20160720_164708 20160722_145120 20160720_162713

I hope you’ve enjoyed spending lazy (and some not so lazy) sunny days with me as much as I’ve enjoyed spending them with you my little love. Next summer you’ll have me running around after you but for now we’re going to top the summer off with your first holiday to Spain… please be a good girl on the plane!

love mummy x

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  1. Hi Hannah, Gracie has certainly had what sounds like a busy first summer. I hope it’s a while before you’re getting her snowsuit out though. Hope you have a wonderful family holiday in Spain too.


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