Crying Out Loud: Coping with Colic.

I am hopeful that we have climbed, staggered, fallen and now conquered the colic mountain after the help of several products, a lot of trial and error and a copious amount of rocking and soothing. For those who aren’t aware, colic is thought to be tummy and wind related and results in a lot, and I mean A LOT, of crying and screaming every evening for days, weeks or even months on end. It’s so distressing, particularly as a first time mum, to hear your tiny baby in so much discomfort and not know what to do for best.  I’m not sure if any of the products we used really helped or if Grace simply matured and overcame it, but we seem to be out the other side and have a much more content baby – thank goodness.


If you’re currently experiencing life with a colicky baby please just take a moment to give yourself a hug. There really is light at the end of the tunnel so hang on in there and try to focus on the positive aspects of the day and not the hours of relentless crying come evening time. I will list the things we did and the products we used to help sooth Grace – no promises they will work for you but if you’re anything like me you’ll give anything a whirl.

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  • Infacol, i’m still on the fence if this did anyhting. Grace tended to give bigger burps when using it but remained very squirmy.
  • Gripe water, used it 3 times and she hated the taste so most of it ended up spat out on a musy.
  • Care Co lactase drops, we’re currently still using these and they do seem to be helping in reducing the amount of wind Grace has in general. A thumbs up for this one!
  • White noise, an absolute winner to get her off to sleep. The extractor fan and hairdryer were a firm favourite. We invested in a gro hush so we didn’t have to listen to the noise as well. Highly reccommend!
  • I’ve now started combination feeding and i’ve been giving Dr Browns and MAM bottles a whirl. Grace accepts them both but the MAM bottles come out on top when it comes to reducing air intake.
  • Tiger in the tree hold – she loves being held like this even when she’s not fussing. Just make sure you’ve built up your arm muscles.
  • The biggest help to me and Grace was simply ‘wearing’ her. I invested in a snuggiwrap which kept her really cosy against my chest and upright to help with wind. She settled almost everytime when I put her in it and walked around the house and I had my hands free – bonus.

…and when all else failed we popped her in the car and went for a drive with the radio on an unused frequency for the white noise.

Life with a colciky baby is tough going, it got to the point where I was convinved Grace just didn’t like me – for the record i’m pretty sure she does 🙂 So in as non-patronising way as possible my advice would be to just stay positive, give your baby a kiss and realise that it really does get better.

love Hannah x

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  1. Colic truly is a nightmare and such a difficult time to get through! I agree that it is well worth trying lots of different options to suit your individual baby. A very true reflection of most mum’s experience with a new born

  2. I had three colic free babies. But shortly after my first the lady next door had her baby and she had colic. Poor things it sounded awful. We’ve struggled with other things like sleepless nights. I hope the colic ness is over for you xxx #bloggerclubuk

    1. It is tough going, every baby has their own unique set of challenges but equally their own unique set of delights! Xx

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