Cotswold Wildlife Park *Review*


Last weekend we had a brilliant day out at the Cotswold Wildlife Park – in fact it was so good I’ve decided to rave about it here on my blog! We went with our gorgeous nieces who are 3 and 6 as well as Daniels parents and sister, and despite the varying age ranges we all had a brilliant time. We were even able to bring along this handsome pooch…


On arrival at the carpark we were straight away directed to a booth where we bought our park tickets from the comfort of our car (£15 adult, £10 child). This system sounds like it would cause huge queues but it was well managed and very efficient, and despite it being a very busy day for the park we only waited for 5 minutes. Plus there are flamingos to ogle at as you queue so we were kept entertained.

As soon as you enter the park you’re greeted by the rhinos. Initially I had a slight panic as from afar it looks as though they are roaming free, when in fact a moat is keeping them in their paddock. I have never seen a rhino so close up before – they are absolutlely magnificent beasts. Plus one had a baby which made me melt a little.

IMG_1639 IMG_1637

Moving on you pass some enormous tortoises and are then able to follow the pushchair and dog friendly paths around the park to encounter zebras, wolves, camels, primates, a red panda, a lion, a leopard, porcupines, anteaters and not forgetting the ‘warty’ pig (that’s a real thing) as well as many other animals. At this point I need to give a shout out to the giraffes, they were so cool! I’ve never been so close to a giraffe before, and as the viewing area is at the same height as their feeding troughs, it means you have an eye to eye view. Another of my favourites was the penguins – I’m a sucker for anything penguin related. Any animal that devotes his whole life to his hubby/wifey and invests so much care and love into raising a chick gets my seal of approval! Again, the penguin enclosure allowed you to have a very clear view of the animals whilst keeping both them and the visitors safe. It was such a warm day the penguins were enjoying the waterfall feature to cool off. Grace was actually awake for the penguins so I’m hoping I’ve passed on my love for them with this first introduction.

IMG_1728 IMG_1765 IMG_1774

Another great thing about the park is that you can bring in your own food and drink, and there are plenty of pretty spots to have a picnic. Furthermore, despite visiting on a very hot summer’s day with a full car park, we didn’t feel on top of crowds of people at all. The park is very well laid out with lots of open space, we didn’t even need to queue for long to have a ride on the little train.

Im trying to think of something negative to say to balance this review but I’m genuinely struggling, so will sign off hear. Despite Grace being a touch too young to really appreciate the day it’s absolutely somewhere we’ll be taking her back to when she’s a toddler.

Cotswold Wildlife Park – you have a big thumbs up from me!

IMG_1680 IMG_1716 IMG_1781

N.B I was not endorsed in any way to write this post, it is all personal opinion.

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  1. Great review! We are thinking of going this weekend with friends and babies so good to read all your tips and comments!

  2. Glad you had a great day out. Thank you for your lovely review it makes all our hard work worthwhile.

  3. Aww this looks great! If we didn’t live so far away, it would definitely go on my list of days out! Mia is obsessed with animals so loves any days out to the zoo or farm 🙂


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