Brave New World of Baby Blogging

After much deliberation I’ve decided to start a blog. Woohoo! So here goes…

During my pregnancy and the early weeks and months of motherhood I was a google fanatic (actually, I still am). Honestly, if I were to look up my search history it would be full of hundreds of questions.  Why I thought Google could actually tell me ‘how a contraction feels’ or give me the magic answer to ‘when will my baby girl sleep through the night’ at 3:30am, is silly I know. Yet, I continue to search the Internet for all things mum and baby related in the hope that being armed with information will make this wonderful, heart warming, exhausting motherhood malarkey that little bit of a smoother ride.

I also read some great mum blogs and watched some brilliant vlogs which really helped me feel like all the feelings and experiences I was having were normal and I wasn’t alone on the crazy roller coaster that is pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. It is these virtual ‘friends’ who have no idea I exist or know that they have touched my life in some way who have inspired me to start my own blog.

So here it is, my personal insight into being a first time mum. I by no means expect to take the internet by storm (I don’t even have a twitter or instagram account!!) but I do hope a few people take some comfort and light hearted relief in reading about my experiences the same way I have done reading and watching about others. If nothing else I’m sure Grace and I will look back at the entries in years to come and have a giggle. Oh and please don’t judge me too harshly – i’m a sensitive soul!

love Hannah x

My Kid Doesnt Poop Rainbows


  1. Welcome to blogland lovely! We’re so pleased that you found us at #fartglitter and linked up. I started blogging for exactly the same reason as you did and within a few weeks I was utterly hooked! The blogging community is just amazing and so supportive and it’s always lovely to meet someone new! If you need a hand with anything just shout (and I’ll ask someone that has a clue what they are doing as I’m flippin useless haha). Thanks for linking up xx

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