We had a party

I love the idea of a christening; gathering close family and friends to officially welcome and celebrate the arrival of a new little person into the world and into a family. However neither Daniel nor I are religious so we didn’t feel it was the right thing for us to do. So instead we had a ‘welcome to the world’ gathering with our nearest and dearest. Originally we called it a ‘sip&see’ party (very American I know) but it didn’t quite work as everyone had already seen her! So welcome to the world it was.

It was a beautiful, summer day and we spent the afternoon in the garden. We had some ‘guess how much i love you’ bunting and balloons which looked adorable (available and on sale here) and Daniel put together a great spread and a never ending jug of strawberry Pimms – which if you haven’t tried it’s AMAZING! We ate, drank, chatted, played and generally had a nice time mixing and mingling whilst proudly knowing that everyone was there purely  because of our special little girl. In order to give the afternoon a sense of occasion we had a poem read aloud and toasted glasses of prosecco. Grace was in a good mood (which always helps) and happily went from one pair of loving arms to another.

IMG_1387  IMG_1327

It was a lovely occasion and definitely something I’ll be doing for future babies. This is the poem we had read for Grace:

A Childs Blessing

May your life be blessed with joy and love

May angels guide you from above

May your heart be kind, your spirit strong

To see the good and right from wrong

May the world be a better place,

Because you came and shared some space.



  1. Han this is beautiful 💕 great memories and you all look so happy! Gracie has had a lovely welcome to the world with you and Dan xxx

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