100 Days of Motherhood

I was going to post a blog next week recapping the first 3 months of Grace’s life, so out of interest I counted how many days it’s been since she was born. After struggling with my 7 times table I realised that as of today it’s been 100 days exactly! That’s 100 mornings waking up and immediately filling with love as I stare at her beautiful face and 100 (not so gushy) evenings attempting to get her to sleep at a reasonable hour. One hundred. It really struck me that it’s been that long but gone so fast. Everyone says to you, “enjoy them while they’re little” and that “the days are long but the years are short”, well I hate to be cliché but it’s so true. This is very much for my own benefit but I’ve made a list of all the newborn traits I loved/love about Grace (some she’s still clinging on to and I’m in no rush for her to give them up.) I know some of them are typical, not that that makes them any less adorable, but I’m sure some must be Grace’s personality starting to peek through. I hope you can relate to some and enjoy the pictures of her itty bitty squishy face.

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  • I’m going to cheat a little, this first one isn’t a trait but it’s a moment in the newborn journey that I will eternally treasure and I’m sure many mums can relate too. The moment when she was put on my chest for the first time. I’m trying to think of the right adjectives to describe the emotions that flooded me but I can’t, so I’ll go with ‘indescribable love’. I sobbed (and I’m not usually a crier except when pregnancy hormones are involved), kissed her head a million times and wished her the happiest of birthdays. And yes,  Daniel shed some tears too and he’s definitely not a crier!

Onto the actual newborn traits..

  • Smiling and giggling in her sleep (see video!). Gracie smiled in her sleep subconsciously before consciously smiling (I don’t want to hear that it was actually wind – IT WAS A REAL SMILE!) Daddy cracked the first conscious smile, not that I’m jealous or anything.
  • The pouty lip licking when it’s time for a feed, I never captured a picture of this unfortunately. A very cute, short lived trait which is promptly replaced with a yell for food.
  • The moro, or startle reflex. She could be sleeping peacefully and then WHAM all of a sudden it’s like she’s falling from a cliff – arms and legs go wild and then she slowly retreats back into a peaceful slumber.
  • Milk spots which were scattered across her nose and next to her eyes teamed with her stork patches across her button nose, eyelid and the back of her neck.
  • The tiniest hiccups that  vibrate through her entire body. Grace hiccuped  daily in my belly and continues to do so.
  • A classic, the finger grip. I was told that a baby could hold up its own weight using that grip – not something I’ll be trying out. I also found out she does it with her toes too! She gets really fluffy clammy hands from doing this.
  • Her sweet milky smell- I can’t get enough of it!
  • This one is a favourite, when Grace sneezes she let’s out such a sigh afterwards, every time Daniel and I giggle at it.
  • If Grace is building up to a full on meltdown the first sign is a little tremble of the top lip (adorable), swiftly followed by a frown (equally adorable) and then, well then all hell breaks loose (not so adorable).
  • Finally, the teeny tiny cuddles which last for hours snuggly tucked between the crook of my neck and my lap. Although she’s still a super cuddly baby, she’s now too big to be held like that and too nosey to sit still.


This post could go on and on but I’ll show some restraint and leave it here. I’m looking forward to the next 100 days as fondly as I look back on the past 100.

love Hannah x


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  1. Oh my word she is such a cutie, how you ever get anything other than gazing at her done is beyond me!! It is a cliche but the time really does fly. I don’t think I fully comprehended that until I had my son. #TheBabyFormula

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